Hold pickup location batch updater

This script will batch update the pickup location for all holds with a status of “on hold” with a specified location code to a new pickup location code

Two excel log files will be generated in the same directory as this script. One that will include all holds prior to the update and a second with any holds the script was unable to update

Within the dist folder you will find a deployable for windows executable version of the script created using pyinstaller


In order to function you must complete the api_info.ini file in the same directory and add your cacert.pem file to the certifi folder


Requires valid credentials for both the Sierra holds API and sql access The file should be formatted like so


base_url = https://[local domain]/iii/sierra-api/v5

client_key = [enter Sierra API key]

client_secret = [enter Sierra API secret]

sql_host = [enter host for Sierra SQL server]

sql_user = [enter sql username]

sql_pass = [enter sql password]

cacert.pem file

To find where this file is located on your computer you may run the following python script

import certifi

Once you’ve located the file, copy it to a certifi folder within the same directory