Has anyone worked with barcode scanners that can scan drivers licenses?

We have a couple that can do it, but the data doesn’t go into the patron registration form in the correct spot. Anyone get theirs to work?

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We use the Datalogic QD2430 2D scanner. There are some variables that you have to contend with when building a configuration file for them in the Aladdin software. I have 6 different configuration files, 2 for Leap, 2 for the Polaris Client and 2 for use as a self-registration station in PowerPAC based on if the Gender field is turned on or not. The configuration files are in XML format and should able to be opened in Aladdin and the 2D configuration barcodes printed. I have found that is the best way for us so we can program multiple scanners without connecting them to Aladdin. If you’re interested, I can send you the files.

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Yes that would be helpful. Those are the ones that we have as well.

Rex, we just got a QuickScan QD2430 and it is giving us some trouble installing. Can you share your configurations so I can pass them on to our IT?

I’ll attach the one for the Polaris 7.2 Client where Gender is not being suppressed. You should be able to scan the barcodes into your scanner and then connect to the Aladdin software and pull it into it and save the configuration file so you can edit it as needed. I am using the Aladdin v. since the newer versions just didn’t work for me. NOTE-Disregard the second barcode which doesn’t read. I haven’t figured out what it does and since it doesn’t scan in it doesn’t cause any problems.

FLLS Polaris Client v7.2 Driver License Configuration.pdf (13.2 KB)


Here is the LEAP configuration file and the PowerPAC config for Polaris 7.2. Again these are where the Gender field is not suppressed. Also, the large barcdes may required several attempts to scan with you starting the scan close and pulling it out further until it scans. It usually takes me 2-6 attempts.

FLLS LEAP v7.2 Driver License Configuration.pdf (9.0 KB)
FLLS PowerPAC-Polaris v.7.2 Drivers License Configuration.pdf (5.8 KB)

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