Forum Follow-up regarding portal to access customer contracts

In our July Zoom forum there was a question about Innovative providing online access to customer contracts. We reached out to Raena Morrison | VP Sales, North America to inquire if this could be offered. We’re including her response here:

I’ve had some discussions internally and there is no way we could manage a contract server/site with secured access for every individual customer. In many organizations, the support contacts in the Supportal are not the same contacts that manage the business side of the relationship. Additionally, many customers have multiple contracts (multiple meaning upwards of 30 with old versions and amendments) and maintaining them in multiple locations would be very challenging. However, at any time all a customer needs to do is ask their Account Manager for their most recent contract(s) and it will be provided.

I can confirm that I was able to reach out to my Account Manager and they were able to provide me with a list of my current contracts and expiration dates.