Favorite IUG Presentation?

Given the number of presentations in the Conferences & Events Section it may be hard know where to start. So what are your must see sessions that anyone new to IUG should be sure to check out?

I bring this up all the time, but Gem Stone-Logan’s 2018 presentation, Automating Reports with Python, is pretty much why I have the job I do now. After seeing her session I went back to my library thinking “I can actually do this”, and then I did and now I pretty much generate reports for a living.

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A virtual presentation version of: Getting Started with Project Management in 2021 changed my life. Like many of us, the pressures of the pandemic caused me to become way burnt out and I considered exiting the library IT world altogether after 25 years.

After hearing about Kanban and understanding one of its core principles was limiting Work-in-Progress it totally changed the way my team works. Add to that mix some meditation and the incredible book Dare to Lead and 2021 ended up being a transformative year for this “old timer” :older_man: .

YES! Trevor’s session was a real highlight of that year’s conference and I also immediately built myself a Kanban board.

Solid favourite of mine too! Especially her subtle hints about “if you need Python but IT won’t let you, here’s what you do.”

We’re on Polaris now, but back when we were on Sierra I got a lot out of Richard Jackson’s presentations on regular expressions. Those were very useful to me outside of Sierra as well. I see he gave one in 2021 with his typically exemplary hand-outs and examples.

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Knowing regex is a gift that keeps on giving. Great example!

One of those is still up on YouTube and I just wound up going back to it earlier today for help.