Comprise and eCommerce

We are currently using Envisonware for eCommerce payment processing. Based on changing needs on our end, we have identified Comprise as a possible replacement for Envisonware. I am interested in any feedback from Polaris sites that already use Comprise. I would be interested in knowing how the transition to Comprise went if your institution previously used Envisonware or another service. Also would be interested in knowing overall impressions, pros/cons, experiences from the end-users, etc. Thanks.

I had nothing but bad experiences with Comprise in all modules we had from PC & print management to eCommerce. Once in 2017 myself & our Director were having so many issues the President asked to meet with us at ALA-- we met with them at their booth and they immediately tried to pull us away so that others wouldn’t hear it.

The biggest reason I will adamantly tell anyone to stay away was how they treated both myself & the Director (both females) compared to one IT member who was a male. It was telling.

We eventually got everything working & were not able to replace them until the beginning of 2023. We went with Envisionware and for whatever reason, we have had a lot more patrons paying for lost material. Coincidental possibly… but could also users not wanting to interact with Comprise, it was dated & convoluted.