Cleanup/Maintenance Tasks You Can Do - No SQL Necessary

Using input from the IUG community, we will walk through common tasks that Sierra libraries can perform regularly (weekly, monthly, annually), using Create Lists, to ensure integrity of their records. Examples include:

  • Finding bibs with no attached items and not suppressed
  • Items using bib locations vs. item locations (and vice-versa)
  • Material Types that don’t match corresponding Bib Level 3 Codes
  • Barcode woes - items without barcodes, bad barcodes
  • Items that are new but don’t have a new location (or they are old and still in the new collection)
  • Bad Codes (language, etc.)
  • Find patron records with hidden characters

Alison Pruntel, Bee Bornheimer
Fauquier County Public Library

CleanupMaintenance Tasks You Can Do - No SQL NecessaryHandout1_29_0315114410.xlsx (26.8 KB)
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