Bulk Searching using the OCLC API

Sorry for cross posting but there were no responses in the Polaris Supportal Forum.

We would like to create a script that can be used to take an exported set of MARC records from SimplyReports and convert it into a Bulk ISBN Search at OCLC. Then export the search results at OCLC to a MARC import file for POlaris but there would need to be some processing in between to insert the Polaris 001 tag [Bib control Number] as the 001 tag of the OCLC MARC file to be imported to Polaris. This would streamline the process of replacing what we call Quick-Bibs that member libraries create with very limited information [LDR, 008, 020, 024, 100 and 245]. we have 4 different default Bib Templates depending on the record format [Audiobook, Book, Games-Cartridge, Games-Disc, Music Recording, Video Recording]

Is anyone doing something like this or has part of the process they would be willing to share?


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I assume you’re expecting to use MARCEdit for this process or do you have another tool in mind?

Here’s the deal, I don’t know what I don’t know on how this could/would work. I do know we did contract with Backstage Library Works as a subscription basis on the number of successful MARC records they provided from the batch of short bibs we sent them so I know there has to be a way. If MARCEdit is the tool that would allow us to bulk search or reinsert the Polaris Control Number (BibliographingRecordID) back into the full records retrieved from OCLC then yes.

I could maybe explore a theoretical process that would involve MarcEdit, but… I think this might also be what this OCLC service is for: WorldShare Collection Manager: Streamline & automate e-collection management | OCLC

It says e-collections in the page title, but I’m fairly sure it is for anything you have in OCLC. Did you give that OCLC service a try and found that it didn’t work well?

Thank you for that information. I will dive in and see if it something I can figure out how to use.

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As I explore what could be used I think I would like to use the OCLC Metadata API for searching and extracting matching MARC records. I believe we could then set our holdings. From the exported marcxml file I would like to insert our 001 from the short bib list we exported to generate the search file into the 001 of the marcxml records from OCLC so they overlay our short records.