Borrowing Brilliance: Tech Tips Inspired by Other Sectors

Program Title: Borrowing Brilliance: Tech Tips Inspired by Other Sectors
ILS: General
Program Description: Pablo Picasso once reportedly said ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal.’ This session aims to inspire us to all to look at our work in a different way by pilfering smart ideas from seemingly unrelated fields such as: car repair, lean manufacturing, and HVAC repair. Imagine library tech staff wielding diagnostic tools like seasoned mechanics, streamlining digital processes with the precision of a lean manufacturing guru, and maintaining systems with the thoroughness of an HVAC technician - all while probably not getting their hands as dirty. This program offers a series of scenarios where the art of knowledge work in libraries can be reimagined through this unusual yet surprisingly fitting lens, proving that sometimes, the best way to fix a server is to think like someone who fixes air conditioners.

Speaker/ Information: Wes Osborn ( - Executive Director, Central Library Consortium

:arrow_down_small: Download the slides here.

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