BiblioCore sync broken, send Polaris help

Any Polaris users with a BiblioCore discovery layer? If so, is your sync with Polaris working correctly? We’re on 7.0, so shouldn’t be related to the previous issue with BiblioCore sync and upgrading to the latest versions of Polaris (which was “fixed”).

As of 12/26/22, when we import or create new bib records in Polaris, our BiblioCore catalog is no longer syncing correctly. A BiblioCore reindex on 1/3/23 corrected the display issues, but did not fix the underlying problem, so we’ve had to pause all acquisitions and cataloging bib work.

–When a provisional bib is made final and overlays an existing final bib, both bibs disappear.
–When a bib is imported as final and does not overlay anything, the bib does not show up in the catalog.
–When a bib is imported as final and overlays during the import process (bib control # is retained), the new bib doesn’t show, but the acq or old bib does still show.
–When manually creating a new acq bib, the bib doesn’t show up.

All bibs display and act correctly in the Polaris PAC, so it seems to be a API sync issue. Hoping if other libraries are also experiencing, we can get BiblioCommons to fix or to learn what temporary measures you’re using, as we can’t postpone acquisitions work for more than a week.

We have a member who uses it but running against our Polaris 7.3 database. I checked that new final bibs that were imported today are showing up in their Biblicommons instance.

After 7.2 Bibliocommons had to change something in their code to support the new .Net UTC date format those versions introduced. But as you mentioned those should be resolved.

2022-11-03: update. Issue resolved.

A connector update to support Polaris 7.2 and higher has been deployed to support those libraries who have already upgraded to Polaris 7.2.

Connectors are also being deployed for libraries on Polaris 7.1 and lower.

But I wonder if this fix caused a regression with earlier versions of Polaris? According to what I see on the Bibliocommons side, their last update was: BiblioCore: December 12, 2022 | v. 9.11 so the dates don’t match up with your 12/26/2022 date. I don’t know how they perform their rollouts, so maybe it didn’t hit your instance until a date that would correspond to when you started seeing problems.

  • Do you have access to your Polaris API server logs to see if you can observe any calls coming in for the bib sync methods?
  • Do you retain deleted bibs/items? If you don’t I think Bibliocommons has to sync your entire database each time which can quickly lead to things getting out of date.

Thank you, Wes.
We included your information on our III and Biblio tickets. We’re not sure what changed, but our imports do seem to be syncing now, if not a bit slowly.
Curious to know what changed!

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Also, if you haven’t done one in a while, a Polaris re-indexing might help. Our last re-index cleared up some intermittent errors we were having. You can contact support for more options about running a re-index as its own job or as part of an upgrade.