Barcode Scanners - DataLogic QBT2400 Programming for Codabar

Hey All-

Just when I thought receipt printers were the bane to my existence, I discovered the joys of wireless barcode scanners…:wink:

We just bought some DataLogic QBT2400 wireless scanners and I’ve followed the manufacturer instructions for set-up along with additional programming and well, no dice. They don’t recognize our barcodes at all (1D Codabar).

I know it’s a huge maybe but does anyone else have these particular scanners? If so, would you be willing to share your magic with me on how you got them to work?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I supposed you’ve already scanned the Codabar enable option and it didn’t work?


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I would also double check that your barcodes are indeed in Codabar format: ZXing Decoder Online

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Yep! It seems to be working just fine, but it won’t scan our barcodes at all. We have a sample sheet with a sample barcode from back in the Galaxy days that will scan but comes up with a funky default result and not the actual numbers.

I know it’s probably something super simple I’m missing, but oy!

Thank you, Wes! I’ll double check.

You could try looking in the barcode scanner manual for something that would disable all other symbologies and then just enable codabar by scanning the images I posted earlier.


Maybe the barcode format is close to another format that has priority in the programming set up and therefore it is reading that other (incorrect) format first.