Are you using Substitution Phrases?

Hello, if you use Substitution Phrases, can you give examples of what you use them for and why you are not using macros?

Thank you!

We used them for phrases that are used through out our system. Macros are tied to logins. Cataloging uses things like “[Place of publication not identified] :”, [publisher not identified],"

Thanks! that makes sense. I don’t do cataloging, but now that I think about how we’re using macros for circulation tasks, it seems like we could free up some macros and use substitution phrases instead.

I use substitution phrases for projects when I need to manually input a particular string into a variable length field in many records. Substitution phrases instantly pop in the entire string, while macros play back the string’s keystrokes one at a time. Hence, macros take longer, and they open up the chance of dropping a character into the middle of the string, if you press another key during the playback. Macros are great for inserting multiple lines with one keystroke, for inserting partial lines of text, and for opening dropdown menus and then selecting one of their options. I like both tools, depending upon the task I am doing.


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