Admin settings info via SQL?

I’ve been able to pull a lot of info about branch settings through SSMS, but some settings that are definitely configured in the admin explorer (like the field in the PAC profile “patron access options” setting that controls who is sent notifications when patrons register through the PAC) don’t seem to have any data associated with them in the database.

Here’s an example of a field that is definitely filled in, but when I look at all the values that are recorded in the organizationspppp table, there are no references to that entity, whether by username, email address, or user ID (1238):

Does anyone have experience with/insight into pulling this kind of data? Thanks in advance.

It appears that this is stored in a table called Polaris.Polaris.PolarisUserLists what is being stored is the staff account user id:

select * FROM Polaris.Polaris.PolarisUserLists where KindOfList = 0

As far as I can tell, this is undocumented. I found it using an event profiler session while poking around in that SA area in the client.

This is great, thank you Wes!

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