News From PIAC - February 2023

PIAC Newsletter – February 2023

Updates from the IUG Polaris ILS Advisory Committee (PIAC)

New Customer Satisfaction Survey for Support Tickets

In response to recent feedback, Clarivate has launched a new, shorter two-question customer satisfaction survey sent at the closure of each ticket. The new surveys are expected to begin February 27. Customer Support asked us to share the following - “we really do appreciate your feedback and hope you let us know how we are doing on every ticket!”

Introduction: Whitney Murphy – Director of Product Management

Whitney Murphy, Director of Product Management introduced herself to the group. Whitney has been working on the ProQuest side for several years and has recently moved to a new role at Innovative. She oversees product development for both Polaris and Sierra.

Polaris 7.4 and 7.5

The next two versions of Polaris are on track for development.

  • 7.4 – Expected late March
  • 7.5 – Planned for September

API Documentation

PIAC asked about a potential conflict in language between iii’s API Terms of Use and its developer’s resources page. Innovative clarified that while the API documentation page is newer, the verbiage has been in use for several years. In short, the Terms of Use are meant to prevent the use of Innovative APIs to develop competitive tools for sale to other libraries, without Innovative’s advanced knowledge or consent.

Innovative also explained that the distinction in the two documents is a result of the purpose of each: the Terms of Use is a legal document while the developer’s resource page is more indicative of Innovative’s attitude in practice. Innovative maintains that they are open to working with external vendors and generally meet with all new vendors 1:1 to discuss the API documentation and any other needs. This practice is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

These documents should not affect libraries designing custom tools to use in their organizations. However, if libraries are unsure about a new custom tool or plan to distribute tools to other customers, they should reach out to their Account Manager, who can clarify if it’s a concern or not. Innovative has provided consent for shared/distributed tools on a case-by-case basis.

Acquisitions in Leap

Several Polaris customers have noted bugs with the Acquisitions process since moving to Leap, such as invoices with incorrect prices. PIAC asked if libraires should refrain from using Leap for Acquisitions.

Jesse Jensen and the support team are still working through the issue to determine the exact cause. At this time, it seems to be directly related to the creation of EDI invoices, and not necessarily because of Leap. Per iii, libraries can continue to use Leap for Acquisitions.

If libraries encounter these issues, please open a ticket with Innovative so that they can track it. If possible, the ticket should include the PO Line Items and a copy of the paper invoice.

Pause on Paid Custom Report Requests

The pause on paid custom report requests is still in place as the Support team is focused on answering customer tickets. That said, proposals for small edits (update notice reports to remove or move fields) might be accepted if it is a small edit or something the team has performed before.

Customers with more complex, from-scratch report requests can enter a ticket, but the likelihood of Innovative not being able to take it on at this time is high.

Innovative is hoping to reopen this service eventually. In the meantime, custom report requests can also be posted on the IUG discord or IUG forums where other members may be able to assist.

Innovative Phone Alerts

Samantha Quell confirmed that Innovative Phone Alerts (IPA) will eventually replace Telephony for phone notification, but specific details on how the system would work or a timeline for when it will be ready are not yet available.

Innovative Phone Alerts currently exists as a replacement for a specific Sierra product. The Polaris equivalent will likely use the same naming, but because of the differences in the two systems, the Polaris implementation will be very different.

Polaris Text Messaging

Innovative is currently evaluating tools and vendors that they could use for an alternative to the Polaris text messaging service. On the backend, Innovative is still determining exactly how a potential new system would connect to Polaris, such as via API or using Vega’s connector service.

Innovative has prepared a survey to gauge the number of libraries using Polaris’ TXT notices and how many customers have already shifted to an external vendor. Libraries are encouraged to complete this survey by March 15, 2023.

Beacon Award Nominations

IUG is seeking nominations for the Beacon Award. Created in 2007, the Beacon Award honors a member who shows exceptional service to the IUG community through presentations, collaborations, sage advice to others, and selfless dedication.

If you know someone who has the above qualities, nominate them for the award! Send an email to Trevor (

More information can be found here.

IUG 2023 Scholarships
Thinking about attending IUG 2023 in Phoenix, but not sure you can cover all the costs? The IUG Steering Committee and PIAC are excited to offer scholarships which will cover the cost of registration and 4 nights at the conference hotel (travel and other costs are still the responsibility of the attendee).

The deadline for applications is Friday Mach 17, with recipients contacted by 3/31. All applicants will be considered, but priority given based on need and contributions to the community.

To apply, please fill out the IUG 2023 Scholarship application.

The next PIAC meeting is scheduled for March 20.

If you have questions, concerns, frustrations, praise or suggestions, PIAC is here to represent Polaris libraries to Innovative! Please feel free to reach out to Debra ( or submit your questions online.


Thanks for the informative update and for the great work of all our PIAC members!